5 Must-Have Features for Running Fans’ Smartwatches


Running is a sport that is very popular with many people, including urban workers. Running was chosen because it can be done anywhere and anytime, so it can adjust to working hours. Well, one of the devices runners usually wear is a smartwatch. Then, what features should running sports fans have smartwatches?

The following are tips given by me, a member of the 361 Runners running community who is also an office worker in Jakarta.

1. GPS feature

With the GPS feature, users can find out a map view of the path and complete information about each kilometer to be traveled.

This feature will be very useful for runner types who like adventure or don’t just run in one area.

Supports GPS, it’s on the KoreTrak smart watch device. After completing a race or marathon, users will know where they are and how much progress they are going along the …