As we know, a computer network consists of several essential devices arranged in it. One of them is a server computer. It could even be said that the server computer is a necessary device in a computer network. The server computer has an extraordinary function to manage all activities on the network. The server computer works actively to connect all devices on the network, especially client computers.

The server computer is used as the central controller in a computer network. Why so? because the server computer is the source of all activities that can be accessed by all client’s computers. With the server computer, the activities done by other computers will run well and smoothly. Therefore, proper care is needed to maintain the server computer so that it can last longer, avoid damage, and other undesirable things.

There are three effective ways to take care of the server computer. The first is to routinely clean all parts of the hardware on the server computer. Server computers usually work nonstop, so there is much dust sticking to some parts of the computer equipment. The device that gets a lot of dust sticking is the power supply.

A computer server that never stops working can also make a buildup of dust in the power supply fan. The thicker the dust, one day it will interfere performance of the server computer if it not cleaned immediately. The pile of dust will inhibit the movement of the fan, and then the temperature inside cant be controlled. The fan that is not working can make the computer work unstable because of overheating. So, it is highly recommended to clean all parts of the server computer regularly, at least once a month.

To take care of the server computer, you also need to take care of the software. The hardware will not function correctly without the presence of software. So, the next step to take care of the server computer is to pay attention to some supporting software in the network. One of the most important is antivirus software. Update regularly the antivirus in your server computer.

The third way is to do a data backup and file defragments at least once a week. These acts are critical to maintained and minimizes fears of losing data. That’s the third way to care for a server computer so that it can last a long time and always work well. Always remember, not only the server computer that must be treated to maintain its durability, but also all devices that exist on the computer network.

Damage to the client computer will not affect the performance of other computers. However, client computers must also be treated in the same way as server computers so that all computers can work more optimally and last longer.

Besides, care for network devices such as LAN cables and switch hubs is also mandatory to make computer networks always connected and run smoothly. Those are three ways to take care of the server computer and devices in the network so a computer network can work properly and last longer. If you need an IT Consultant to maintain things that have been explained above, King Computers is the right choice for you. You can visit the website at