Australia is one of the developed countries in addition to the United States, Canada, New Zealand, and France that is the goal of global citizens to start new lives. For those who want to be naturalized Australian citizens, there are some things to know in advance, such as the requirements for permanent residence and the criteria for full citizenship and the use of services Hermis & Associates So your moving process can go quite easily. Here is how to move to Australia and 5 steps to become Australian citizens.

1.  16 years old or at least have qualified parents

The applicant could obtain citizenship through several different channels, but each depended on the applicant’s age. Those who are 18 or older can enlist as adults. Those who are 16 or 17 years old can enroll themselves, but should already have a permanent status explained later. Those 15 years of age and under it should first be permanent residents and “live with the responsibility of parents or with the services of minors unaccompanied.

2.  Determine the kind of permanent resident visa that will suit you

Like many other countries, Australia relies on a population system that proves that immigrants have families or jobs waiting for them in the kangaroo country. There are several ways to obtain a permanent population, which are required to apply for citizenship. Each kind of visa comes with a different fee. The most common route is through an Australian company that sponsors skilled candidates for citizens

3.  If you have a family or a couple in Australia, then

You’ll need to apply for an appropriate visa. Australia has a number of options for parents, children, caregivers, adoptions, last relatives, and coworkers. Costs varied. The cost of some $1,270 (U.S.) is an application for caregivers, while the cost for adult children who bring with them goes to $15,500 (U.S.). For a non-expeditionary route to avoid high cost runs a longer process, it could take up to 30 years. And the price was at least 4,700 dollars. In both cases, you must sign the Australian values statement, a document which confirms that you will act legally and according to national principles, such as individual liberty and parliamentary democracy.

4.  Settled in Australia for four years

Once you receive status of a permanent citizen and want to become a citizen, it is necessary to spend at least four years in Australia. This is an opportunity to contribute to Australian society, integrate into culture, and feel how life has become like a naturalized citizen. As a permanent resident, you will have access to universal health care and be able to work, learn and travel anywhere in six states in Australia.