Running is a sport that is very popular with many people, including urban workers. Running was chosen because it can be done anywhere and anytime, so it can adjust to working hours. Well, one of the devices runners usually wear is a smartwatch. Then, what features should running sports fans have smartwatches?

The following are tips given by me, a member of the 361 Runners running community who is also an office worker in Jakarta.

1. GPS feature

With the GPS feature, users can find out a map view of the path and complete information about each kilometer to be traveled.

This feature will be very useful for runner types who like adventure or don’t just run in one area.

Supports GPS, it’s on the KoreTrak smart watch device. After completing a race or marathon, users will know where they are and how much progress they are going along the track.

2. Connect with a smartphone

Running sports enthusiasts’ smartwatches must have features that allow them to stay connected to their work activities and in case of urgency outside of their running activities. By staying connected to the smartphone, runners can still answer phone calls if absolutely necessary.

With the Bluetooth calling feature on KoreTrak, users can still receive calls while exercising or when their hands are unable to pick up the phone.

3. Real time information and data analysis

Features that can record heart rate, oxygen intake, distance traveled, and the number of calories burned will really help users to see their track record, so they can determine the next run target.

KoreTrak provides more efficient and accurate heart rate measurement in real time. Combined with the AI ‚Äč‚Äčalgorithm, this feature can monitor the user’s heart rate throughout the day.

4. Music player for excitement

Runners often use music to burn their spirits, or to calm them down while running in the afternoon. A smartwatch device that can play music will be very useful for runners who need music to complement their running activities.

5. Various running modes

Runners have different levels of ability and needs. There are those who run to lose weight, some are only for maintaining health, some are running professionally.

A smartwatch device that has a guide on the right running sport mode can help the user determine how much speed and distance he should take.

The KoreTrak is equipped with more than 15 sport modes and offers chorus during exercise. This course helps users with various running goals, whether they are just starting to pursue running, want to lose weight, or to increase endurance.

The smartwatch is becoming a device that is increasingly being beneficial, because it helps us as fans of running sports to carry out our activities better, measured and recorded neatly.