Almost all human have been bitten by mosquito, did you notice there are changes to your body after you got bitten by mosquito?. Most people didnt show the same reaction and changes to their body regarding mosquito bites. There are some people who doesnt show any reaction and there are some people who show severe reaction and changes due to allergic. So how this body works and react towards mosquito bites ?

Why mosquito bites human?

From the vast amount and kind mosquito, only female mosquito bites human. Because male mosquito doesnt need blood as their food, the male only need flowe nectar to fill their stomach. The female mosquito needs blood to breed. The blood stored in their mouth will be digested and will produce eggs.

When female mosquito bites u, their spit will come through your blood and this spit contain protein which is use to prevent the blood to froze. This protein which flow with their spit sometimes causes reaction which are itch, irritation, sore, and swelling. Use deet free mosquito repellent from mozzigear so the mosquito won’t bite you anymore. Mozzigear product has already proven safe and good to avoid mosquito bites.

Analyzing body reaction cause by mosquito bites

Human body will show reaction and changes when mosquito bites their body. There are positive and negative reaction. This reaction can be seen from skin reaction where the bite has taken cause by mosquito bites.

Small red lump

General effect and reaction by mosquito bites is the small red lump. The skin which got bitten become slightly big and bumped with red colour and white dot in the middle. This reaction usually stand for 1-2 days. Because this is a reaction from protein from mosquitos spits which flow to the blood.

Big lump

There are more people with more reaction towards protein in mosquito bites, these reactions has different response from their body. This reaction causes their body to make bigger lump, bigger size, and much more red than normal reaction. Longer mosquito bites will cause this reaction.

Fever and itch

Skeeter syndrome is the term which when you got bitten the reaction is fever with the reaction mentioned above. This syndrom is considered as an over body reaction towards protein from mosquito bites. Children and people with a weak body immunity usually has more risk to skeeter syndrome.

Anafilactic shock

Anafilactic shock is more severe than skeeter syndrome or reaction above. When the bitten body feels itch, severe lump, hard to breath, cough and more dangerous reaction then u need to consult to the doctor

If this condition isn’t treated well, it can cause lose consicousness and even death. The doctors usually treat this by injecting epineferin to reduce the symptoms.

Do not give light treatment towards mosquito bites especially towards children, you must consult to the doctor in case the reaction bcome worse as soon as possible