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Getting to know several terms and able to identify the types and uses of electric cables can help to solve electrical problems that occur after installation. To find out how to install electricity safely, let’s see this explanation!

1. Know the size of the power cord needed

In determining the right type of electrical cable, you need to pay attention to the size of the cable diameter, capacity, and usefulness of the cable you need. The size of the power cable determines how much amperage of its capacity.

If the size of the cable that is installed does not match the number of amperes needed, it can cause a short circuit of electrical current and then, lit a fire.

2. Know the different color codes on the power cable

The color code on the power cable is related to the size of the conductor wire inside the cable and the power it has. For example, the white NYM power cable measuring 3 x 2.5 mm has maximum power of 900 VA, while the size of 3 x 4 mm serves a maximum power of 5500 VA.

There are several color code in the power cord that is not related at all to power and size, but that color is occurred due to standards of use. In alternating current (AC) for example, black wire for current sources, blue wire for neutral conductors, and green wire for grounding or containment.

3. How to install power cables

When installing cables, you need to remove the plastic that surrounds the metal sheath. It’s important to do it carefully so it doesn’t damage the metalcore. The installation procedure is quite easy, but requires a little skill to produce a neat electrical installation.

4. Protect the power cord with a conduit pipe

In electrical systems that use a lot of wires, conduit pipes are usually needed to keep the electrical installation line in the track. Even the protective layer has been covered, the electrical short circuit can occur as a result of damage to cable wrapper.

Conduit pipes can protect all parts of the power cord well, especially from rodents. Always remember about how many cables that can fill one conduit pipe, this depends on the size and material of the conduit pipe used.

5. Understand the maximum use of the power cable

In an electrical connection, usually, there is a maximum limit on the number of electric cables used. Excessive cable installation can cause damage to the switch, household electronics, and the entire electricity network. This is usually marked by a power outage in electronic objects that are used or in the entire electrical current in the house.

This event is quite dangerous because it can cause damage to the entire electricity network at home. If this happens, please turn off immediately all electronic devices that still on and then turn the electricity back down.