When we use technology in a company or organization, there are certainly many things we must consider, such as how to use it? What are the benefits for the company? How about the networks, WANs, Wi-Fi Networks, converged voice, converged networks? And so on.

Here are some of the main benefits and functions of computer networks for companies:

1. Data Sharing

With a computer network, sharing data is easy. Of course, this is helpful if your office has several rooms, floors, or branches in other locations. If you don’t have this technology, retrieving data must be done manually by visiting different places.

2. Information flow faster

Computer networks make the flow of information in a company or organization fast. Information between divisions or office branches can be shared in less than a minute.

3. Communication media

Computer networks become a medium of communication between employees and management in a company or organization. Communication media in a computer network can be in the form of e-mail, chat, video conference and VoIP.

4. Data security

In terms of data security, the company can handle the rights of every user, so that the data will be safe. For example, leaders can access data that cannot be accessed by others such as employees, security staff and so on.

5. Data integration

Existing data in an organization or company can be integrated automatically. So, a division can see all data from other divisions through this integration. By using a computer network, the data will be connected even though they come from different divisions.

6. Efficiency and savings

With a computer network, companies or organizations can save budgets such as transport, marketing and other expenditures. This will result in the company being able to manage and analyse budgets more easily at any time during the financial year.