Car Wrapping has a function as a promotional media by putting products or brands is promoted by moving vehicles such as cars, buses, trucks, etc. This promotion method has proven to be very effective for a company. Car Wrapping means wrapping your vehicle with stickers that are cut and adjusted to your car. Maximize your vehicle functions by car wrapping. Make your car a cheap, simple, and effective media promotion using the services of Bigfoot signs. This company is car wrap Brisbane who has great experienced in wrapping.

Benefits of Car Wrapping

  • Protect your vehicle’s paint from damage, such as gravel, dirt roads, and small blisters, so that your vehicle paint last longer
    • After the sticker wrapping is removed, the vehicle returns to its original condition as new.
    • A colorful and prominent design helps to prevent the vehicle from being theft.

The character of sticker material used for cars

  • Easily removable – so that any time you want to remove and replace it with a new one, it is easy.
    • Flexible – Easy to install and follow every curve of your vehicle.
    • Very easy to laminate/coating.

For the printing method, Bigfoot Signs uses machines that are environmentally friendly and provide great color and durability.

Installation and finishing are the most important parts. Bigfoot Signs are highly trained in car wrapping installation.

Then, what are the advantages of using wrapping on the car body? Here are some idea for you to consider:


  1. Body wrapping can protect the original paint color since we know that the car’s body is exposed to direct UV light which can make the color fade.
  2. The sticker can prevent mold. Many factors cause fungus to appear, such as splashing rainwater that is not directly wiped or cleaned.
  3. The sticker can protect the body from unwanted scratches. It is quite possible when there is traffic jam, a 2-wheel vehicle leaves a mark in your car. Especially if there are people who intentionally scratched your car body.
  4. Using stickers can also save time and costs for maintenance. No need to do body wax, because after washing the car which coated in stickers only need to dry wipe and become clean again.
  5. Body wrapping can also maintain resale value because the original paint and color are maintained and sleek like a new car coming out of the dealer.

That is some of the advantages of car wrapping using the services of Big Foot Signs. Hopefully, this article helps to realize the benefit of car wrapping!