Every couple who wants to get married certainly have their dream party. The description of the wedding that has been determined after the engagement overshadows how the implementation later. Dream wedding parties don’t have to spend hundreds of millions to billions. A dream wedding also not always need a hall like a palace with thousands of guests.

There is nothing wrong with a party like that. Recently, the wedding is always held in the hall or ballroom which certainly costs a lot. Current trend shows that many wedding is not only held indoors. Lots of couples interested in outdoor parties. Many options of location can be chosen to hold an outdoor wedding, one of which is the beach. For those of you who crave to get married by the beach, consider some of these tips to get an unforgettable wedding.

Determine the Location of the Beach

Throwing a beach party is not only about the beach. But also the facilities and infrastructure that are around the beach.

Choosing a beach that is easy to reach by guests is the main point, for example, Chaweng Beach. If you held a wedding party at this beach, guests will not find it difficult to reach the venue.

Also, other things to consider are hotels or lodging. Choose the closest hotel or inn, for example, Novotel Koh Samui. FYI, this hotel also provides a Wedding Venune Koh Samui package if you don’t want to be bothered by preparing an event.

Choose the Right Season

Having a wedding with an outdoor concept is very much dependent on the season. Just like when you holding a party on the beach. Make sure the party is not held during the rainy season. It will be not pleasant when the party took place then the rain started to pour.

To avoid rain, you can hold a wedding in the summer. You also need to realize that summer is identical to the very strong sunlight. Usually, it will make guests feel hot and sweaty. To get around this, hold your party at sunset. The orange light slowly fading in the western horizon will bring an elegant and romantic party.

Wear a relaxed wedding dress

Who says the bride must wear a long dress? If you want to hold a beach party, you just need to prepare a comfortable dress.

You can wear knee-length dresses or long dresses that don’t sweep the floor. This will give the impression of comfort when compared to long-tailed dresses which can load a lot of sand.

Use Appropriate Decoration

Having a beach party certainly has a different decoration when compared to a party in the hall. If an indoor party would be better if it has a bold color, a beach party is very different.

Beach parties usually carry a fresh and bright concept so that the relaxed impression on the beach still there. Besides, it is better to use fresh flowers as a display.

Choose the Right Dish

Dishes are one of the important things in every event, including weddings. Serving fresh dishes following the atmosphere of the beach will certainly bring the best impression.