Shared Hosting permits different clients/websites/records to be hosted on a solitary web server. Dedicated Server hosting, in its turn, is a solitary server exclusively gave to one client.

More or less, the contrast between a Shared and a Dedicated hosting server resembles a loft in a square of pads and a bungalow house. Both are useful for living in. All things considered, there are a few favorable circumstances and burdens of picking either. We should have a more profound gander at every one of the server type thinking about administration, performance, assets, security and cost.

Ease of Use

A Shared server is a decent decision for those website proprietors who don’t have a lot of specialized abilities to oversee and control everything, except wish to construct the online presence. With Shared hosting you have restricted regulatory access and can’t tweak programming design. All things considered, you approach a cPanel, with which you can oversee documents, information bases, email accounts, mistake logs, and some server investigation. In the event that the server goes down, you can generally be certain that the professionals will deal with it in the briefest time conceivable.

A Dedicated server is a decent decision for the individuals who have specialized foundation and can oversee/design the server all alone. However, the absence of specialized abilities ought not be a deterrent, since we offer various sorts of Dedicated server the board: User-Responsible, Basic, Complete. You may discover more data on each sort here. Root access, furnished with a Dedicated server, is a colossal advantage in the event that you need to make some server alterations.

Performance of HostingRaja Dedicated Hosting

Website performance assumes a significant job in pulling in new guests and traffic change. We have 100{b7b70d99d7a3c6e48a135d2996bc4780fd9b0295daacb1e74c8822dfd10c42fd} uptime ensure on our Shared and Dedicated hosting servers. Notwithstanding, some power majeure conditions that are generally brought about by upstream substances and other specialist co-ops the hosting organization relies upon can cause sudden vacation. The instances of these are concentrated DDoS assaults, power blackouts or equipment issues. Along these lines, the uptime proportion can’t be determined with traditional accuracy and ought to be seen considering all the variables.

The a lot of the website performance is caught to the website advancement. A proficiently coded website that utilizes not many assets per guest would permit an enormous number of guests and won’t cause any personal time on the website, while an ineffectively or wastefully coded website may just support a couple of concurrent guests and cause as far as possible arrived at blunder. What is a Blog is a great video for first time bloggers.

For the most part, on the off chance that we think about the performance of Shared and Dedicated servers, the later will be quicker and more dependable as it offers more assets like CPU, RAM, and so on and those assets are utilized exclusively by your websites. While with the Shared server, you can never be certain who is your neighbor and if their movement impact the server. For instance, you may get a spike in rush hour gridlock because of some mission. A Dedicated server might have the option to deal with the expanded traffic while a shared record will most likely go over as far as possible and may be even suspended to ensure different clients on the server.

Assets and Resources

With a Shared server you’ll share assets, for example, information, CPU time, memory and plate space. You can discover more subtleties in Acceptable Use Policy and Terms Of Service. All our Shared servers have CloudLinux OS introduced. It assists with restricting the measure of assets every customer can utilize. CloudLinux keeps every customer in a separated, secure climate called a Lightweight Virtual Environment (LVE). You may discover more data on LVE here.

In the event that you have a website that gets enormous volume of traffic, Dedicated server is the most ideal decision. In the event that you have a Shared hosting record and you arrive at as far as possible, the move up to the following accessible arrangement is needed, as this is the lone technique to add more assets to your record. On the off chance that you have a Dedicated server, you may arrange more transfer speed at an extra cost.


We esteem the difficult work our customers put in to their activities and care for the security of our servers. We have a successful firewall framework alongside a bunch of other server security applications and projects introduced on our Shared servers. In any case, a great deal of security issues may come from inside your own website code, control board settings, noxious records transferred and so on You may discover a few hints on the best way to keep your record made sure about here. A Dedicated server permits running practically a wide range of contents and programming, and you may consistently introduce any security programming to add the extra layer of dependability to your own server. For instance, you may have the IP obstructed/boycotted on both Shared and a Dedicated server, while the whitelist of an IP address is conceivable just on a Dedicated one.


Of course, everyone might want to have the quickest and most secure server with all the advantages at the cheapest cost. Be that as it may, each assistance needs to have a sensible cost. With Shared hosting, server assets are shared among a few clients, so the expense of such record is less. A Dedicated server is dedicated exclusively to one client, and that is the principle motivation behind why it costs more. The essential Normal Shared hosting account costs $30.88 every year, while the fundamental Dedicated server’s expense would be $82.88 every month.

In this way, prior to settling on an official conclusion, ask yourself these inquiries:

What sort of authority over the hosting account is required?

What’s the day by day and month to month traffic you expect on your website?

What are your security prerequisites?

What’s your month to month financial budget for hosting?

Finally, you can not make a informed decision on whether a dedicated hosting is good or shared hosting is good for your business.