📌 How to download YouTube videos as audio on iPhone?

  • If you crave to listen to your favorite tracks with a locked phone, but are not yet ready to subscribe to an expensive premium subscription, then you should definitely visit the EEZZEE.IO website. Here you will not have to pay for the services provided or take a long and tedious registration. It is enough to insert a link to the desired video in a special input field and click on the button called “Download”. In a few seconds you will see a list of music files available for saving. By the way, you can copy the required YouTube url in several ways: directly from the search bar; after clicking on the “Share” button under the video; by selecting the “Copy link” option in the context menu after right-clicking on the icon of the corresponding video. We also convert to youtube converter

📍 How to download video from YouTube with safari on a mac?

  • It is worth paying attention to the fact that this web service works in absolutely all browsers and on all modern devices. That is, you can use it literally on the go, without being distracted from everyday affairs. It doesn’t matter at all what operating system you prefer or what audio format you are used to interacting with – it will cope with any task. By the way, on the same site you can convert various music tracks into more than 10 extensions! Their list includes MP3, WAV, FLAC, OPUS, OGG and many others. We recommend you for conversion youtubeconverter

💼 How to download and save a YouTube video on iPad?

  • Recently, an increasing number of users have expressed a desire to download the selected track to their gadget, and not just leave it in the music library. There is an obvious reason for this, even several: there is not always access to the Internet. For comfortable listening to music, a high-quality and stable connection is required, otherwise you simply will not be able to enjoy the composition due to constant stops. The second nuance is the limited amount of memory. Yes, the hard drive is also not unlimited, but you can better control it at the expense of other resources (delete unnecessary photos, videos, applications, etc.), which, in my opinion, is much more convenient. See how the conversion takes place convert txt to pdf