When the keys of the house cannot be turned or even the key is broken when it’s still in the keyhole, surely it makes many people become confused. You will be more confused if that key is the key to your house or your car’s key. Surely, you will get panic because you don’t know how to open the broken door or stuck in the hole. If this happens to you, then you should not panic and you should not tear it directly. Because, if you do that, with a sharp ting or a dull thing so it will not work out. This happens because a key serration definitely has a structure and technique that makes you fail to open it. If you fail to open it, please contact Brisbane Northside locksmith, 1×24 hour service will make it easy for you to contact us at any time.

Knowing that all the windows and doors can expand. So, it will be a shift from its place. That is why if you installed a window or a door, there will be a space so that the expansion can be overcome. This is the reason why the key is broken in the keyhole because of the expansion. Your doors and windows will slide down so your key can not be used. That is why you need a special trick to open it, you have to lift the door up so that the iron on the key handle will match with the keyhole in the door panel. After that, you can turn the key smoothly. If your key is already broken, then you can pin it by using the tip of a scissor or using a tweezer to pin it.

If you find difficulty, then try to unpack the ring layer on the door first using a screwdriver. Using this way you can remove the broken key freely. Actually, you can’t even unpack it as long as you are patient. Now, you can get the broken key out. This method can also be used to remove a car’s broken key. You can also use another method by using the power glue. For this one, it is usually used in an urgent situation. People will also use needle, tweezers, and so on if you want to remove a broken key. But what if it could not be reached by a needle or tweezers? Certainly, there’s another easy and cheap method. Use the super glue! By using the mini glue, it will stick better and dry faster, so you can use the mini glue in emergency conditions.

You can use this method as a way to stick the broken lock. How to? First of all, apply the glue to the head of the broken key, then attach the stuck key. The position should be matched so you have to be careful when doing it. Don’t let the glue overflow and fill the keyhole. Because the keyhole will be closed by the glue. Wait for a while to dry. When it’s dry, pull the key slowly and the broken key will attach to the head. This is the easiest way if the key is difficult to reach by using tweezers or needle. This method can also be applied if the key of a motorbike is broken. How to connect a broken motorbike key is similar to the car’s broken key solution, from the tools and the steps. Good luck!