To get an ideal body, people undergo a diet, one of which is by reducing food portions. But is this method effective in losing weight?

There is a diet that is common and often used by many people to lose weight. You do this by cutting the daily food portions.

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Turns out this method is wrong. A study written in the Journal of the American Medical Association states that reducing the portion of calories in food does not have a major effect on losing fat in the body.

In fact, not eating processed foods and foods with excess sugar levels is the right choice. By not eating these foods, fat in the body will be easier to lose.

This research was led by Christopher D. Gardner. Christopher is the director of nutritional studies at the Stanford Prevention Research Center, USA. This study examined 600 people. Then divided into two groups running two diets.

The first group went on a diet by eating low-carbohydrate foods. Meanwhile, the second group followed a diet with only low-fat foods. Experts continue to train the two groups to become accustomed to eating healthy, home-cooked meals.

Both of them managed to get rid of some of the fat in their bodies. But those who adopt a low-carbohydrate diet have less fat.

This group’s body weight decreased by an average of 5.8 kilograms. Meanwhile, the group who ate a low-fat diet, lost weight by 5.3 kilograms.

Both get slimmer waists and reduced body fat percentage and blood sugar levels.

There are things that need to be noted from the results of this study. All study participants did not reduce their daily meal portions.

They lose weight because of the intake of quality food. So it has nothing to do with calorie restriction.

The participants said they were surprised to know this. Because many of them are asking how many calories should be limited during the diet.

“During the weeks of the study, many participants asked when we told them how many calories to cut back,” says Gardner.

So, the conclusion is on the quality of the food eaten. Not the amount of food eaten. You don’t need to eat less. It is enough to eat nutritious and healthy food!