You’ve all heard of the term ‘early age’, right? They are a group of children who are in a phase of rapid growth and development. Early childhood has different characters and different ways of educating, for that every child needs to be guided. Early childhood is usually called the golden age. At this time, the child’s brain is experiencing rapid development, approximately 80{4f500097151f7e06e11ce4eb3ae0500a7d029679a5b9a60f49d88ade88047596}.

Children can learn various kinds of skills and can absorb so much information. Even their character as an adult will begin to form in this age.

Seeing how important this golden age sometimes makes you confused about how to provide education for your beloved baby? What kind of education needs to be applied to children? Or even what institutions can guide early childhood?

The presence of St Andrews International School is the answer for those of you who are still confused in choosing the right institution for children. st Andrews international school is here to fill the golden age with good character. In this school, your child will experience a happy learning through fun learning process.

When children feel learning is fun, it will grow the foundation of Interest in learning within themselves, without coercion from parents, teachers, and anyone.

In terms of forming and growing character Interest in learning, it requires a long process, because human character does not occur automatically. The characters are not formed within 1 or 2 months but need daily habituation, and the best time to start a good habit is in the golden age.

This golden age period is a critical period to shape good character. The success or failure of developing children’s intellectual, emotional and spiritual intelligence often lies in the ignorance of parents about the opportunities of this golden age.