Small businesses are more prone to fall for online frauds mainly due to both intentional and unintentional mistakes. Small-scale businesses often lack control and efficiency in handling work which leads them to fall prey to online fraud. However, most companies are susceptible to fraud mainly because there are different kinds of frauds. Cybercriminals are rapid in adapting the company’s methods. They are almost as quick as the cyber-security firms creating new products and services. Due to this factor, companies are unable to protect themselves from every kind of frauds. Moreover, most companies do not have a strategy to prevent fraud. However, with the right strategy to detect and investigate, companies can safeguard themselves from every kind of fraud.

Here are the Steps companies can use to prevent fraud:

Safeguard your bank accounts: As you keep your professional and personal lives separate, same is the case with the bank accounts. Make it a thing to create separate bank and credit card account for your personal life and business. In this way, hackers won’t be able to access another account in case they get their hands on one. Always lookout for the security systems that your bank uses for online banking such as automatic logout. So, that you are ensured of keeping your sensitive details safe.

Protect your computer systems: Hackers are well-versed in cracking computer systems. To safeguard your computer systems from such issues, companies must use protective software. While a sturdy firewall helps protect company data, antivirus software detects breaches early. In addition to this, you can reach out to several well-regarded cyber-security vendors to buy products that best address your needs. Companies can also implement strict protocols for employees such as creating strong and hard to detect passwords and backing up files on a daily or weekly basis.

Make employee background check mandatory: Earning someone’s trust takes a lot of time, so does hiring the right people for your company. Take an ample amount of time to do background checks of the candidates and hire only qualified and trustworthy people who have a proven work history.

Create a secure entry: Creating a secure entry system can prevent unwanted visitors. There are several ways of ensuring negligible chances of fraud using key-card systems. This involves providing time-stamped records of an employee’s entries and exits from your offices. In addition to this, management can limit access to specific sensitive areas to certain people in order to keep their business safe. For example, you can use a key card system to allow only IT managers inside the server room.

Buy insurance: You can try every possible strategy to safeguard your business from fraud. However, not every measure is foolproof. In such cases, having insurance is highly necessary. You can consider reaching out to Shieldforesics to claim insurance such as ID Theft Insurance against business frauds. It makes it easier for people to return to day-to-day life in the event of an attack. Consider getting an insurance policy that specifically protects against fraud.