When the business starts going well, as an entrepreneur, you certainly hope your business can grow bigger. Many factors influence the reach of the target. One of the factors is venture capital. To get funding from investors is not an easy thing. Many aspects must be considered so that your business is interesting in the eye of investors.

In Thailand, every business is growing. Many investors are competing for funding each business. Here are some steps that you can prepare to get investors.

Make sure your business has BOI certification

Before look for investors, make sure you have BOI (Board of Investment) certification. BOI is vital so that your business will be considered more credible and make investors interested to invest. To make BOI certification is not easy, and several steps must be done. To make this easier, you can use the services of the Acclime Boi Company.

By owning shares in the Company, investors also have the position of “owner” of the Company. However, you don’t need to worry. Even if the investor’s position is “the owner,” you still have control over your Company because of the shareholder agreement.

Expand Business Networking

In general, investors will receive offers from various companies. Usually, they will choose a company that they are familiar with. Not infrequently, investors will provide investments to companies that have trusted partners.

So, if you hope to get investment, try to start doing business networking. You can start from the closest spheres, such as school alumni, jobs, your friends, or attending events around businesses that are around. If you already have a target investor, find out how to contact these investors.

However, if you do not have acquaintances who can connect you with these investors, you can take part in exhibitions, competitions, and business forums. Usually, many investors will be invited as performers. There also some investors who just come to see a business that is interesting to invest in.

Make Business Proposals Clearly

In general, the proposal is a summary of the Company. The proposal is your opportunity to introduce the Company to investors. with proposal, investors can see your business or startup profile. Everything can be mention in the proposal, such as starting from the business background, the Company’s financial position, the Company’s vision, and mission to the funds needed to develop the business. To attract investors, try to make detailed business proposals. Avoid the contents of proposals that are too complex. Focus on the main things that investors need to know so that the proposal can be more easily understood.

To make a good proposal, you must include your Company’s financial statements since the goal of investors to invest in getting profits. Financial statements can be an indicator that is considered by investors to determine whether your business is a potential company or not. From the financial statements, many things that can be considered include the Company’s cash flow, the Company’s debt, and the income earned by the Company.