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The Eye is Not Satisfied with Seeing options 30 artworks Jennifer Packer has produced over the past decade. Emerging from a historic period in which visual media testifies to the state-sanctioned homicide of Black individuals, Packer explores the psychic states and experiences that exceed visible proof with a lyrical and melancholic vision. Layered with swaths of brilliant color, discordant fragments, clean Theater areas, and the weeping traces of vertical drips, Packer’s work and drawings are both heavy and light, personal and revelatory, understandable and illegible. It appears that for Packer, conventional genres are instruments for containing chaotic emotions, giving them form, but additionally evoking what has but to be expressed.

  • He has since taken to task the formidable project of capturing the energetic and informal communal environment of its art scene in a series of portraiture on seminal contemporary artists living in Yogyakarta.
  • Layered with swaths of brilliant color, discordant