The development and growth of your child is always a moment that awaited by parents. It happened because the development and growth of the Little One only happened once and cannot be repeated. When your child is 3 years old, they will have some developments such as being able to say their name, can learn to count, and draw.

The things above are the stages of development that generally occur in children aged 3 years and over. However, indeed each child has different stages of development. Entering the age of 3 years, parenting and educating children must also be adjusted to their age so that your child can be smart, active, and independent. Some appropriate ways to educate 3-year-olds are:

Teach Discipline

At the age of 3, your child can already distinguish stuff that they have with other people’s stuff. Teach your 3 years old about a Little Discipline. You can start teaching your little one to tidy up toys, eat with simple utensils, and follow the sleep schedule.

Kindergarten schools also take a role in the teaching discipline, choose schools that not only focus on academic values ​​but also the character of discipline, honesty, and many other things. Patana School is an international school that has a  Ib Program Thailand, which teaches children to have a strong character for the future.

Teach Children to Control Their Emotions

Teach your child to control emotions. Entering the age of 3, children can express feeling with an outburst (tantrum). You do not need to worry because tantrums are a regular thing in the developmental stages of children.

Since the emotional stages have not developed well, your children still can not distinguish the correct way to express emotion. If your child has a high intensity of tantrums, there are several ways you can do. Try spending time together when your child is calm, provide healthy and balanced nutrition, give enough time and attention to your child, and provide an understanding of how how to control emotions. 

Teach Share with Others

It is not less important is to teach your child to share with others. At the age of 3 to 4 years, children already have empathy. Children will also start thinking about the feelings of those around them. The child can feel sad when people around them unhappy.

You can teach your child to share with friends in a simple way, such as share biscuits.

Also, you can teach your child to lend the toy to a friend when they finished playing. Instill various habits since childhood will make your child care about the surrounding.