Natural cures for high cholesterol can provide a very good alternative to prescription medications for any one of a number of very good reasons. Some examples would include affordability, safety, or intolerable to adverse reactions caused by prescription high cholesterol busters. Nevertheless, they aren’t for everyone especially those suffering from familial hypercholesterolemia (high blood cholesterol for genetic or inherited reasons). Familial hypercholesterolemia, or FH for short, is a relatively rare condition where the liver constantly produces cholesterol, thus flooding the body with lipids. This condition calls for drastic measures due to the likelihood of causing heart disease at a very early age. It is not often you need a sledgehammer to kill a fly, but this is one instance. If you are looking at the best compound chemist, you can visit this website

For the rest of us, natural cures for high cholesterol make a lot of sense. But certainly, with all the different natural products on the market, it is difficult to determine which one offers the best combination of price, results, safety, and guarantees. The pricing is generally close to the same, results will vary from individual to individual, and most are considered safe. Guarantees will vary from sixty days to one year. One thing that does separate these natural cures for cholesterol is the main ingredient (if any) which they are built around. What you will generally find is that some natural cures for cholesterol are built around niacin, others red yeast rice, a few guggul gum extract, and occasionally you will find a product that combines a number of natural ingredients equally. Let’s take a minute to examine each one of these important ingredients in more detail.


Niacin in the proper dose definitely does lower overall cholesterol, raise good cholesterol, and lower bad cholesterol. The only question is whether the supplemental form of niacin can provide a sufficient amount of this B vitamin to produce results and still be safe. A very high dose of niacin can cause liver damage in some cases. So, if you are considering a natural cure for high cholesterol-containing niacin be careful not to overdo it.

Red yeast rice

Red yeast rice in its natural form can compete with most statin medications for effectiveness and is a lot safer. The problem lies with harsh FDA regulations on selling red yeast rice in its original version, and most products containing red yeast rice are a toned-down version. But in spite of this red yeast rice continues to show good results from both a scientific and anecdotal perspective.

Guggul gum extract

Guggul comes from a small tree native to India and its use in natural medicine dates back over 2,000 years. Guggul gum extract is high in plant sterols, which are commonly found in buttery spreads and other dairy products. It is a very safe and effective cholesterol-fighting agent and certainly an ingredient worth considering.

Blended natural cholesterol busters

These products are a recent entrant into the natural cures for high cholesterol category. They generally contain natural oils, plant sterols and a nutrient found in beeswax know as policosanol. The safety factor is very high with these blended products, they generally produce very good results, and are less likely to trigger drug interactions.