Teeth are one of the important organs for humans. Teeth have the benefit of biting or chewing food.

Besides being useful for eating, teeth can also support our appearance, you know.

So it’s no wonder that many people dream of having white teeth.

Because when your teeth turn yellow, it often makes you feel less confident. But don’t disturb your activities. No need to worry, because there are natural ways to whiten them again.

Currently, there are many dental treatments that can make yellow teeth clean white again. If you want to know more about teeth, you can visit: Crossroads Dental Arts

But sometimes the price is less affordable. Some can even cause side effects due to substances used as teeth whitening. So, if you want to treat and restore tooth color, try using these methods.

This traditional method using a few simple ingredients at home can also help whiten teeth, you know.

Banana peel

Banana peels contain lots of potassium, magnesium and manganese. These ingredients can help remove stains on teeth. You can use banana peels on the tooth area you want to whiten. However, not all banana peels can be used. Choose perfectly ripe bananas.

Make sure the banana peel is not green, and there are no brown spots either. Use it once a week. You do this by rubbing the inside of a banana peel to your teeth. Rub it for about 2 minutes and then brush your teeth as usual.


Turmeric has astringent properties. These properties make turmeric have the ability to tighten gums and remove plaque from teeth. Turmeric is also abrasive or harsh like baking soda, so it can help to polish teeth and remove dirt.

How to use it is easy, you know.

You can mix two parts turmeric powder with one part coconut oil. Then, add one part baking soda and mix until it thickens like a paste. Use it to brush your teeth for 2 minutes, then rinse with clean water.