Choosing a coffee bean supplier is a serious matter. For coffee shop owners, making decisions for their coffee shop, of course, everything must be analyzed and considered first. Starting from the target market you want to achieve, how the interior and exterior of their coffee shop looks like, what costs need to be incurred and most importantly where do coffee suppliers come from to meet our coffee shop needs. It’s a little confusing to choose the right coffee supplier or find the wholesale green coffee beans, because the indicators are uncertain, it all depends on how the coffee shop owner responds. Not to mention that the problem is how to link the coffee to whether it suits the customer, is it balanced with the coffee shop’s vision and mission, and also is it still included in the cost allocation for buying coffee beans. Apart from that, to choose a coffee supplier, we also have to at least understand the characteristics of the coffee beans themselves, what flavor profile we want. There’s nothing wrong with using  blended coffee  for our coffee shops, it could be that  this blended coffee  is a specialty that makes customers come back. Or playing on  specialty coffee  is also a good thing by juxtaposing various brewing methods. However, in selecting coffee suppliers, the problem is whether the suppliers invited to work together can maintain consistency from day to day. This includes consistency of coffee bean quality and delivery schedule consistency.
Perhaps, this article that we adapted can be a reference before choosing a coffee supplier for our coffee shop.

Coffee Supplier List Data

Before choosing one of the many coffee suppliers, try to find references from anywhere, whether it’s from cyberspace or acquaintances of fellow coffee shop owners. This list minimizes the possibility that if one supplier runs out of coffee stock, you can find another supplier. After the contact data has been collected, then where to start, starting with coffee suppliers that are interesting to you.

Coffee Samples

After choosing a coffee supplier, for those of you who are serious buyers, the supplier is not reluctant to send us samples of the coffee they sell. And each supplier has a different way of serving their prospective buyers, of course they have terms and conditions for coffee suppliers to send samples of the coffee they sell. After you receive the coffee sample, try to study the coffee sample, if the taste profile makes you interesting, then you can decide whether to buy it or not.


If you are acquainted with a supplier that you never know, even if there is no information about it in cyberspace, ask him which coffee shops have worked with these coffee suppliers and what their testimonials are.

Try Local Coffee

It’s not okay to choose foreign coffee beans, but it would be nice to try local beans or indonesia specialty coffee. At least one local origin fills our coffee shop’s bar table, maybe local coffee will become your specialty coffee shop, who knows.


If you want to be more certain about choosing a coffee supplier, maybe you can just visit his warehouse or the coffee plantation owned by a coffee supplier. The types of coffee suppliers may vary, some are only intermediaries, some are directly involved in becoming coffee farmers as well as coffee suppliers.

Choose What’s Attractive and Convenient

If you are interested in a coffee supplier but the shipping procedure is too complicated for you, it’s better to find another one. Try to find coffee suppliers who have often sent their coffee beans to many areas. These are just tips, some coffee shop owners also have their own way of collaborating with coffee suppliers. So, what do you think, have you ever had an interesting experience with a coffee supplier? Discussions about coffee beans regarding supplier house blends have their own views that can help you with the process.