For those of you who often come to formal events, of course, you already know what a suit is. A suit is clothing that will make people look more attractive. People who wear suits will look more appealing. Here are some tips for choosing a suit:

1. Pay attention to the Arm

When buying a suit, pay attention to the sleeves. Arm shape that is too long or too short will affect the appearance. The visible Arm will make the suit look too small and vice versa. To get around this, then try it first. If the coat is too long, then fold it to the inside.

2. Make sure the size is suitable

measure the body first before buying a suit, so it is not too small or vice versa. An oversized suit will make you look geeky. If too small, it will seems too tight. The suit is not like ordinary clothes, always choose for the right size. Suits that do not fit the size will look weird, both in real and in pictures.

3. Dare to Be Creative with a Tie

There are many types of ties, both in terms of color, material, or style. You can choose a wool tie, pin dot motif, to tie striped motifs. In wearing a tie, choose one that match your suit and shirt. If you use a patterned tie, it will be interesting if accompanied by a plain shirt and a black suit to make it look more balanced and elegant.

4. Match the color of the shoes

Choose shoes that are similar to the color of the suit you are wearing. During official events, use Oxford shoes or leather Loafers to make your look more attractive. If you choose the wrong color and type of shoes, you will ruin the excellent suit you have.

5. Must Be Long Enough

There are so many types of suits to choose from. Wear a suit that is comfortable and can follow the curve of the body. To make the suit durable and long-lasting, try to unbutton the suit when you sit.

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