Motorbikes are an effective means of private transportation. Many office workers prefer to use motorcycles rather than using private cars because they do not want to lose much time in traffic jams.

Having a motorbike is a necessity for all people who have routine work. If you are looking for a quality used motorbike, Wheels Honda provides a wide selection of motorcycles at affordable prices.

 Some of the advantages and disadvantages of buying a used motorbike are:

  • The price is much lower than a new motorbike
  • You don’t have to take care of the legal documents, it already exists
  • If you are lucky, the price can be lower than the actual condition of the motorbike (maintained motor condition)
  • The disadvantage of buying a used motorcycle is that we do not know for sure the history of the vehicle.

The following are tips for buying a used motorcycle that might be a reference for the first time buying a used motorbike.

Overall Motorcycle Body Check

Make sure the motor body is still original and has not undergone any modification. Also, pay attention to the motor body for any scratches. Do not be fooled by the many stickers on the motorbike, because it could cover the scratches on the bike.

Check the condition of the tire; if it’s rusty, you can ask for price negotiation. Do not forget to check the exhaust pipe. If you find severe rusty, this must be around muddy places often.

Check the condition of the motor oil as well, to see if there are any leaks. If the oil is dry, there is a possibility of a leak. You will need to do a lot of repairs later on after buying the motorbike.

Check Panel and Electrical Motor

Check whether the speedometer, gas meter, light switch are functioning correctly. Make sure the motor ignition works fine. Also, make sure the horn and the motor lights (front, rear, turn signal) can function correctly.