You go to YouTube. You watch the channel of your favorite youtuber. You see the thousands of subscribers she has, and the hundreds of comments they leave her just minutes after uploading her last video. It must be wonderful to feel that so many people who don’t even know you are there anxiously waiting to see what new things you have to tell them, right?

Decided: you’re going to be a youtuber too!

You open your channel, you start uploading your videos with all the excitement in the world, but you soon realize that getting YouTube subscribers who follow you is more difficult than you thought. But  buy subscribers  can help you to get youtube subscribers in a short time.

Here we are going to show you the strategies that those popular YouTubers used to get thousands of subscribers to their channels, and with which you will also grow your channel to the top.

Strategies to get subscribers on YouTube

Create a YouTube trailer that hooks

This technique helps you to increase your views and subscribers, if you have no budget to buy view and subscriber for youtube.

 A YouTube trailer is a short video (between 1 and 2 minutes long) that you upload to your channel to show your visitors what types of videos you make, and what you teach in it.

It is a good idea that you place this trailer as the featured video of your channel, because that way when someone enters it and watches it, if they hook them, you will get them to subscribe and see all the videos you publish.

It works exactly like a movie trailer: it anticipates what the viewer is going to see, and if it’s boring, no one will go to the cinema to see it, but if it’s entertaining, people will be looking forward to it being released in theaters.

Upload useful and quality content to your channel

You are probably thinking that this advice is pretty silly; but you would be surprised how many videos are uploaded to YouTube every day with poor quality or useless content. Nobody is interested in knowing which stores you are going to buy from, or what you do in your day-to-day life if your channel is new to this platform. This is only of interest when you have already made a name for yourself on YouTube, not before.

In the first stage of your channel you must upload videos that have quality and can be of help to the people who see them. Talk to them about topics that you really have valuable knowledge about, teach them to do something useful or that really interests them.

The content that most hooks and attracts visitors are always those that are entertaining or informative.

So if you are going to record a video in your dark room telling your sorrows or saying something that does not interest anyone, better save it and do not upload it to YouTube.

Choose your titles and descriptions carefully

If you start looking for a video on YouTube, which one will you be more likely to see: the one with an attractive title that arouses your curiosity, or the one with an ordinary title that doesn’t tell you anything?

Your answer will undoubtedly be the first, and for that very reason it is important that you think carefully about the titles you will put on your videos.

Include calls to action in your videos

Have you ever wondered why the most successful youtubers, despite having thousands of followers, at the end of all their videos always say phrases like “if you liked the video, subscribe”?

The reason is because these types of phrases are calls to action to encourage users to do something, and because they work really well.

It is a kind of psychological strategy to remind people who are watching your videos that they must do something if they want to continue enjoying them.

So do not forget at the end to include phrases such as “subscribe“, “leave me a comment below“, or “follow me on my social networks“.

I assure you that with this little trick you will be able to get many more subscribers on YouTube quickly.

Use annotations at the beginning and end of your videos

If you want to get YouTube subscribers quickly and easily, and make your videos more interesting and interactive, the best way to do it is with annotations.

These annotations allow you to add text, links, and quick access to other videos of yours on top of the videos that you have uploaded to your channel, thus helping you to enrich the experience of your visitors.

  • You can use these elements in all the ways that you prefer, but the most common uses that the most popular youtubers give them are:
  • Put a direct link to your channel’s subscribe button
  • Suggest other interesting videos for your audience that you have created
  • Add a call to action (subscribe, follow you on your social networks, and give more information on that topic …)