It can’t be denied, the woman and the hair is an inseparable part. A woman who is aware of her beauty and appearance will definitely pay attention to her hairstyle. Either short or long, with beautiful hair do, the women will look beautiful and confident. There are many new women’s hairstyles that have been appeared lately. Various hairstyles carry a new model, but there is also some classic hairstyle that is trending as well. Trust your hairstyle on Bondi hairdresser, located on Oxford Street, Bondi Junction.

Well, do you one of the women who doesn’t want your hairstyle out of date?

Despite several things that should be considered above, here are some of women hairstyle that can be used as references to support your appearance:

Pixie cut

It is short hair and even we can say crew cut model. This model becomes popular among women lately. No other, because there are many public figures in the country to foreign countries that look beautiful with this model. Presumably, this style has become popular since many artists have used this hairstyle. Indeed, the pixie hair cut is very practical and suitable for women with a lot of activities that require practicality. Even though the hair cut seems boyish, but with certain special cuts, women can look attractive with the pixie cut.


it can be said it is a simple, classic and timeless haircut style. The ponytail itself means horse, so this hairstyle can be done by binding the hair to the back like the horse’s tail. This hairstyle is perfect for women with long hair who want to keep practicing in their activities but on the other side still wanting to maintain their long-haired looks elegant. In addition to the simple bonding model, ponytails can also be modified into number of styles. Some of these modifications are sided ponytails, ponytail combines with several braids, ponytail with stacking tie, double bond ponytail and so on. The various modification of ponytail hairstyle is intended to make this style keep attractive and simple.

Curly Hairstyle

For those with curly hair, it seems these following hairstyles can be considered. Actually, there are many variations of the curly hairstyle. Starting from short curls to long curls style. For short curly hair, u can choose shoulder-length curls style and add bangs in front of it. There is also an impressive long curls model. For you who have long hair, it seems that you don’t have to cut your hair shoulder length if you want to look beautiful with a curly hairstyle. Side split hairstyle with hanging curls become popular nowadays.