No one knows for sure, when this pandemic will end. Like it or not, we need to start adapting to the current conditions.

Departing from these problems, many parties have started to design a ‘new normal’ transition system. The concept is to try to adapt and get back on the move, but by implementing strict protocols to stay safe.

As a businessman, you also need to consider a lot of things for the new normal. How do you do business in the midst of new normal conditions? Check out the various strategies below. make sure before starting a business you must determine your target market first, for more information please visit the official website here 3 days master class

A line of business tips when new normal that can be applied

1. Review the business

New normal is a period of transition, where we try to adapt to the current conditions. This is a good time to nail down an evaluation of all business processes.

How has it grown at times like this? Approximately, what obstacles might be encountered in the future? What potential can be exploited? By answering similar questions, you too can consider strategies for keeping your business afloat.

2. Implement health protocols

Many offline businesses have had to close because of COVID-19. During a new normal, several business sectors were allowed to resume operations, for example shops and restaurants. Of course, business owners need to implement strict health protocols.

Clean the location with sterilization using a disinfectant, especially for surfaces that are frequently exposed to touch. The number of people in the location should be limited so that crowds do not occur and increase the risk of COVID-19 contamination.

Do check the temperature of every person who enters the location, both employees and customers. In addition, provide hand sanitizer or hand washing soap at several points.

Ensure that employees practice healthy clean behavior, namely by diligently washing their hands and using masks. In addition, give an appeal to employees to bring personal cutlery and prayer equipment, so that they are comfortable doing activities in the office.

Customers also need to be taken care of properly. Make sure that customers also wear masks and keep their distance while in the shop or shop location.

3. Rearrange the budget and prepare an emergency fund

The new normal transition activity is certainly different from how we ran the previous activity. The budget issued will also be different, adjusting to current conditions.

Obstructed business activities make us need to be smart in managing finances and maintaining cash flow. We also need to realize that there will be new logistical needs, for example providing hand sanitizers, masks, soap and other equipment needed.

Therefore, use funds wisely and be prepared with all the possibilities that exist. You should have an emergency fund on standby.

Business recovery may take time. Rearrange the expectations you have until they are finally passed.

4. Rely on selling and online promotion

This pandemic has taught us that whether we want it or not, we must be ready to go online. This is what makes many businesses survive. Although the new normal transition provides an opportunity to resume offline business activities, you should still maximize online business services.

Online services could be more ideal. Some people still feel uncomfortable getting back to their activities.

5. Always monitor government policies

How we do business depends very much on the policies set. Also prepare an overview of strategies for possible policy scenarios, so that we can readily adjust. Ensure that the business operates according to policy, to ensure safety together.

This pandemic is not an easy situation. We need to contribute according to our respective abilities so that we can go through it together. Hopefully the situation gets better soon.