How to choose the right pump for your pond

Pond Pumps for Clean Fish Ponds

Pond pumps are vital for the health of your pond, and it goes without saying that property owners with a pond must invest in a quality pond pump. Pond Pumps redirect water from streams, lakes, and other water sources and move them into the pond. Typically, individuals simply connect the pond windmill to a stream, which will directly fill their ponds with water.

Types of pond pumps

There are a wide variety of pond pumps available on the market. The following is a list of the different kinds so that you may determine which will be the best fit for your pond.

Fountain Pumps – These pond pumps are mainly used for aesthetic purposes. When setting up correctly, they look like a fountain floating at the center of the pond. Many times, they are used in locations where there are a lot of tourists or foot traffic. Fountain pumps work by drawing water from the pond and spraying it into the air in various spray patterns that are appealing to its audience.
Filter Pumps – This type of pump can be referred to as a true pond pump as they keep the water circulating throughout the day. Like its name, the filter pump functions as a filter to keep the water clean and free of debris.
High-pressure pond pump – This multitasking pump may be used for more than just one purpose. This pump can efficiently pull and release water with extreme pressures. High-pressure pumps are made to function with a switch that floats so that it can be operated with ease. Also, the pump can turn itself off when the water level reaches a specific point.

Dry-mounted lake aeration – These pumps are very easy to use and do not require a lot of maintenance. Dry-mounted pond pumps are designed to draw the water at the bottom of the pond and clean it.
There are essential factors when selecting a pond pump. A pond pump will keep your water looking clear and healthy. Without one, cleaning your pond will be a difficult task, especially larger ponds. Keep in mind that a dirty pond could take away from the pleasure and visual appeal of having a pond.
Decorative Floating Fountains – Decorative fountains that are placed in a large pond utilize a high-volume pond pump in order to push the water through the decorative nozzle. These units will aerate the water and also have beautiful spray designs. It helps to keep the pond water clear.

Decorative Surface Aerators – These units utilize a motor with a propeller inline. It will mix the water at a high speed and also have a small cone-shaped spray, although the sprays are smaller the aeration is much more than that of a regular pond fountain.
Solar Aeration Systems – With the advancement of solar, now we have available as reasonable prices, solar kits for water pumps that will power small pond aeration systems, and large pond aerators.