How you can Accelerate your Business Growth?

You are a start-up or established business; there is always a hunger for business growth.  If you are into b2b Business, there is always a bit of challenge you face when getting the clients on board.

Today we are going to look at some of the measures on how you can accelerate your B2B Growth.

Business Cycle

When you start with the process, you need the following simple business cycle, which you are already aware of like Introduction, Growth, Maturity, and Decline, which we already studied in our business management classes.

You can put all your efforts based on the business cycle. So Let say you have a startup business,

Now you are in the introduction phase, which means your business needs aggressive brand awareness of your product/services.

If you are an established business having a good clientele list so now your efforts should be more of on the good client’s services as well as getting more clients on board.

If you are on the verge of decline, you need to put on more effort into bringing new products/services to be able to survive in the market.

To start with the process, you can follow these Strategies

Locate your right audience

When you are into B2B business, reaching an audience is the first step towards your business goal.

To find the right audience you need to follow some Lead Generation Method to climb towards success. So what are those Lead Generation methods?

Inbound Lead Generation

As the Headlines itself state “Inbound Lead Generation” it is referred to as getting leads directly to your website or stores. It is like customers themselves come to the website/store and show interest in buying your product or services. So how it is possible to let’s have a look at it.

We are a generation belong to the internet and looks for every solution online. So as business people, we need to think of taking our business online. So there are huge benefits in taking your business online. The best advantage is to reach the mass audience within the stipulated time frame.

There is various inbound lead generation method like SEM, SEO, SMO, and SMM, which helps you drive the traffic on your website. Like when you are setting a paid campaign on using adverts, you can choose the audience based interest, demographics, and Geo-Location so it helps your product/services shown to the right audience and redirects the same audience to your website. Once visitors come on your website, now you can use different strategies to capture their details like NEP (Name, Email and Work Phone) using Pop-ups, Contact forms, Newsletters via Blogs.

So, how to convince visitors?

The Major question arises is how to convince visitors to share their details it can be based on what you offer like suppose we did it with Black Friday Sale giving 100 free credits on new Sign up.

Once you captured the details, now you can send the emails and even call them to convert them into a business.

This is a bit long process but it is quite effective for the business.

Outbound Lead Generation

Outbound Lead Generation method refers to where you as a business person put efforts to reach out to the right audience.

To start with Outbound Lead Generation Process, you can start procuring the database from the vendors stating your requirement based on your industry.

When you purchase the database from the Data Provider, you need to have knowledge about your audience, as per se you are a virtual call center offering call center services, so your clients can be from Financial, E-commerce, Retail and Educational Sector.

So you can specify your database service provider based on a specific industry.

So what’s next?

Once you purchased the data you need to make sure it is perfected and updated because there has been a survey that data decay is happening up to 40{4f500097151f7e06e11ce4eb3ae0500a7d029679a5b9a60f49d88ade88047596} every year.

The database you purchased from the vendor make sure all direct dials numbers should be have been gone through HLR lookup and Email ids should be verified with email verifier.

Once you purchased the database you can send the cold emails and Cold calls to those direct dials numbers to filter out the right data and put them into the Lead Generation Process.

Have a good sales team

Once you are done with having good lead generation strategies now are you need to hire the right people to convert those leads into the business. According to American Marketing Association, once you received the leads as inquiry it is really important to have a conversation within the first 30 minutes if it is not done within a quick span of time, and then there are more chances of you end up losing the sales.

Always set goals for the sales team, which ultimately drives in generating revenue for a business.

  1. Like no of calls in a sales team should make.
  2. Revenue generated by salesperson per month
  3. The annual percentage rate of business generated.

Some of the tools to use to have the right flow

For Email Campaign

  1. Sendgrid
  2. Mailchimp
  3. SendinBlue
  4. Sendplus
  5. Benchmark Email etc. you can choose any of them.

CRM tools

  1. HubSpot CRM
  2. Salesforce
  3. Zoho
  4. Freshsales CRM
  5. Creatio CRM
  6. Pipe drive
  7. InfoFlo

You can use these are tools to have a better conversion rate which helps you track every person on board from entering the Lead funnel till you convert them into the business.


You can spend a huge amount of money on SEO and paid campaigns to have a better outcome. But if you follow only the Inbound Lead Generation Strategy, you will end up spending a huge amount of investment rather than spending amount only inbound Lead generation you use outbound lead generation as well when you purchase the ready to use database and optimize with your paid adverts then it can do wonders for your business.

So, Considering both Inbound and Outbound Lead generation strategies is what I recommend for your Business Growth.

Overall you have to focus on making the basic things right and ultimately helps on your process.

If you have any queries regarding B2B Growth Please feel free to connect with us. Or you have add-ons let me know in the comment section.

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