So, what are you to do as a homeowner when your plumbing is not working properly? There are a wide array of issues that could be to blame when it comes to your pipes not working correctly, which is why the do-it-yourself methods may not be the best idea. Some plumbing issues are seemingly simple and could be fixed on your own however, some are more serious and require a best plumbers Newcastle like DWH to fix the problem. To help you better identify a plumbing issue in your home and what may be necessary to fix it, here’s a quick rundown of some of the most common plumbing problems and what may be to blame.

Toilet problems

Clogged toilet:

Most dreaded is a clogged, or backed up toilet. The reason for a clogged toilet is generally that there is a buildup of waste in the pipes and this is not a good thing. You will need to have the pipes cleaned in your toilet as soon as possible to prevent any further build-up.

Noisy toilet:

You may have found that your toilet becomes very noisy after flushing and as it fills back up. This is generally a problem with the toilet’s fill valve and may require either a repair or replacement of the piece.

Running toilet:

So, you’ve flushed and the tank has filled, and yet it sounds like it keeps filling. The running toilet is another common plumbing issue in the bathroom. The problem with a running toilet is the amount of water wasted, we’re talking hundreds of gallons here. What causes a toilet to continuously run is a problem with the flapper so instead of just dealing with the annoyance, this is a problem you want to have professionally fixed, and fast, so you do not keep wasting water.

Sink problems

Limited water flow in sink:

Your sink has limited water flow, but other water sources in your home have full water flow. In this case, you most likely have an issue either with the installment of the sink or rusty pipes. Either way you will want to have this problem fixed by the pros so your water can flow freely.

One sink causes the rest of the water flow to slow:

You turn on your sink and the rest of the water pressure in the house goes way down. This may not seem like a huge issue, but there is probably defective piping, which means you may need to have some plumbing redone.

Clogged sink:

Sink clogs are another issue that may strike and just as with most clogs, it could be rusty pipes or just backed up, so you will want to have the sinks and pipes cleaned to prevent anymore clogs or backups.

Shower and tub problems

Clogged shower head:

A clogged shower head is generally the result of mineral deposits building up in the shower head from your water. In order to unclog the shower, the mineral deposits must be removed or dissolved so the water can properly flow through. A professional plumber will be better at helping you identify what minerals have built up and what is necessary to remove them. They may also suggest a water treatment system, which may help prevent other problems in your plumbing system caused by the build up of minerals.

Clogged shower or tub drain:

This is a common one, the drain of your shower is clogged and the water piles up at your feet. These clogs are caused by hair, dirt, and other particles building up in the pipes to make water unable to get through and drain. You will need to have your drain cleaned and the buildup removed in order for proper function.

If any of the above issues sound like something going on in your home, you will want to contact a professional plumbing company near you to come and assess the situation. Because there are so many different variables and possible causes of your plumbing issues, it is best left to the pros.