Most hotel visitors usually produce around 1kg in one visit or night. Half of the trash produced by guests are paper and plastic trash, also there is cardboard box trash among them. Those types of trash cause bad affection around the hotel environment because of their capacity.

Problems created from over trash environment

Because of trash, the space allocated for other things is reduced and also pollution is one of the problems too. Water, soil, and air are affected by pollution around the trash. Carbon dioxide and methane produced by the trash are spread through water and soil. The trash pollution sometimes wanders and spread through far place and environment due to its nature by having produced air pollution, that’s why in order to take care of the trash there are some services special to treat them such as Wasted Opportunties.

Managing hotel’s waste periodically

  • Prevention
  • Getting ready to be used again
  • Recycling
  • Recovering
  • Disposal

Various option to consider in using trash contractor services

  • Wide variety costs, choose the most ideal one
  • The smart and efficient contractor, the best contractor is the ones who think and understand the situation and the complexity of the designated place, and also can give advice and efficiently working on a safe environment
  • Solidifying the waste is one of the best solutions to manage trash space allocated, so if your trash is good for this solution then its best to do it as soon as possible
  • Make sure the cost is calculated according to the weight, not the amount
  • Ask about the market fluctuation for certain trash and what is the current policy to do so
  • Also, ask the contractor if they want to give some of the profit from recycling the trash


This method is not only for reducing the amount of trash, but it also can produce a product which can be used to increase the soil quality around the hotel. The environment will benefit more from this method.