Let’s Party Tops

Party Tops Going Out & Clubbing Tops

The band has said that the name was not intended to be an allusion to the Soviet Bloc or the Canadian political party Bloc Québécois. However, Moakes stated on the group’s official Internet forum that it was more a merging of the japanese “Blocs” and the western “parties”, in the political sense. He additionally notes that the name was not explicitly pushed by politics, but somewhat it “appeared, sounded, appeared fine so we went with it.” In February 2005, the band released their debut album Silent Alarm. It was critically acclaimed and was named Indie Album of the Year at the 2006 PLUG Awards and NME Album of the year which both honour indie music.

  • Rumours throughout 2011 suggested Okereke had left the group to give attention to solo work, although these had been denied by other band members.
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