A good product is not enough. You need to market it effectively so people will know how good your product is. In order to do effective marketing, you need a good marketing plan.

So, how to make a good marketing plan so that your business goals can be achieved? You can read this article from start to finish. We’ll walk you through:

  1. What is a marketing plan?
  2. Differences in marketing strategy and marketing plan.
  3. The importance of a marketing plan.
  4. How to make a good marketing plan.

What is a Marketing Plan?

Marketing plan is the planning of marketing activities to achieve certain goals over a certain period of time. A marketing plan can include marketing strategies for several corporate marketing teams, with the same business objectives.

Differences in Marketing Strategy and Marketing Plan

As mentioned earlier, that marketing plan also contains a marketing strategy. So, what’s the difference between the two? In order not to get confused, you can see the table below.

Marketing Marketing Plan Strategy

Contains marketing campaigns that need to be carried out to achieve marketing goals. Contains one or more marketing strategies.

Marketing strategies function to get income through marketing campaigns that have been carried out. Marketing plan serves to connect all marketing strategies so that the company’s goals and missions are achieved.

So in short, a marketing plan makes marketing strategies in line with your company’s vision and mission. With the help of a marketing plan, your marketing strategies do not overlap and can be structured well.

Importance of a Marketing Plan for Your Business

Creating a marketing plan is important for both new and long-growing businesses. With the right marketing planning, your business steps will be clearer, your products will be right on target, and your business will also have the opportunity to grow.

Some of the benefits of a marketing plan below will convince you of the importance of planning for marketing:

1. Make it easier for you to strategize.

Creating a marketing plan will make it easier for you to strategize. That way, you will know what to do and what not to do.

Whatever business opportunity you take advantage of, using software from lead conversion squared

can simplify the strategic planning process

2. Avoiding uncertainty in the future

With a marketing plan, all team members already know what goals will be achieved, what strategies will be used, and who is responsible.

So from now on, whatever business you (will) run, prioritize a marketing plan for success in sight.

How to Make a Good Marketing Plan

There are several ways you can make a marketing plan. Prepare notes, you can start writing down your business plan while reading our guide.

To make it easier for you to understand each stage in marketing planning, below we have prepared a fictitious example. We deliberately created a business made up with the brand Kopi Bumi, so that you can immediately learn how to apply this marketing plan to your business.

1. Define Your Business Vision and Mission

The first and most important step in creating a marketing plan is to determine the business vision and mission. With a specific business vision and mission, it is hoped that the marketing strategy will be more focused.

2. Determining the Target Market

Determining the target market is important so that you can implement an effective marketing strategy. With your target market, you will be more focused on marketing your products and developing your business.

The target market can be defined as who you want to attract to buy your product. One of the effective ways to determine the target market is to create buyer personas. Buyer personas are a representation of your typical target customers for your business.

3. Create a Content Strategy

You need to create a content strategy so that later the business content that you present to potential customers is not only quality, but also right on target. That way, you can attract potential customers or target markets to buy your products and services. So, try to create content that matches the target market that you have previously determined.

A content strategy is part of a business strategy that you can include in your marketing plan. To make it easier to create a content strategy, you can start by dividing your prospective buyers into three stages as shown in the table above.